A digital business consultancy committed to helping organizations think new. Dream big. And most importantly, act different.

Technological disruption is changing business. We help organizations evolve and adapt in a Bimodal world to not just compete in this next generation of business but decisively win.

Empowering people to continuously deliver better products, services and customer experiences.

We equip people with the skills needed to drive more enduring and effective change. Helping them establish new models, new ways of working, and new growth channels. Embedding the capabilities that enable businesses to perform at their peak. Time and time again.

Committed to our clients’ change ambitions. Supporting them with our consulting, delivery and education services which inspires the confidence to transform from the inside out.

From the board to the frontline, we work with people across all levels to manage uncertainty and accelerate organizational change. We share a total commitment to our clients’ change ambitions because we’re passionate about the impact we can deliver together.

The IDX Group Way

It is more than values. It is practical and pragmatic.

We are deliberate about delighting our customers.

  • Proactive relationship and stakeholder management
  • Make work visible and manage expectations
  • Design and deliver an exceptional customer experience and journey
  • Our success is defined by the customer’s success

We care for and invest in people.

  • Nurturing relationships because we care about outcomes not only transactions
  • Investing the time, talent and treasure required to help others succeed in their work
  • Authentic, respectful and transparent NOT arrogant, presumptuous and self-serving
  • Anticipating the needs and requirements of others

We bring new perspectives to get better results.

  • Leverage the body of knowledge we’ve developed and continue to invest
  • Focus is on teaching others WHY AGILE matters and HOW to apply the principles and practices
  • Go beyond mechanics to instill an improved mindset that helps customers improve their outcomes.
  • Driven to achieve the best results and outcomes possible for us and every customer we serve