We see opportunity in the ever-changing world of business and passionately believe in doing things differently for the betterment of our clients.

We deliver our innovative approach with energy , determination and boldness.


Our clients turn to us for guidance in the face of business uncertainty. We listen first, then present our knowledge and insight in a confident and assured way.

Importantly, we balance our IQ with a healthy dose of EQ to ensure our expertise translates into value-adding and meaningful advice.


We have the power to transform people the world over – affecting the lives of thousands. Our work is founded on human connections.

We’re industrious, approachable and genuinely care about the difference we can make for our clients and their people.

Who we want.

We employ people of many backgrounds and personality types from all around the world.

There’s no typical project for a consultant. There’s no one answer on how to solve a complex business or IT challenge. So it shouldn’t surprise you that there’s no single type of person who makes a good fit with Emergn. We expect you to be bright. That might mean you’ve run your own business, got a PhD or MBA, or invented the next best thing, but it could just as easily be demonstrated by the questions you ask to get to the heart of a problem.

We expect you to have experience. We don’t measure this only in years or size of project you’ve worked on. We want to see how quickly you can learn and develop. We expect you to care. When you work with a client their success or failure must be of paramount importance to you – not because you’re being paid, not because you want to make a further sale, but because the best work comes from being genuinely and personally committed to doing the right thing

What we offer.

In return you’ll work with a young company that has a great list of past successes, but no intention of resting on our laurels

We have a restless desire to do better, and that means we want to see everyone who works with us improve and develop as well. We invest heavily in your personal growth and we’ll support you to take on new challenges and deepen your knowledge.

We offer a culture founded on trust, integrity and confidence. We’re consultative in nature, educating and supporting our clients and each other to do better. We listen to what our staff say, we involve them in decisions and we follow the same principles of transparency and autonomy that we advise to others.

Current opportunities.

Below are new opportunities we are currently recruiting for. Please take a look at the roles and let us know of your interest to join our team.

We are looking to grow our company and expand to new markets with the best talent we can find. In order to do this, we need to continue to grow our coaching base with knowledgeable individuals who share our passion for solving the challenges associated with implementing Agile at scale. Ideal candidates will be able to provide disciplined coaching, strategic enterprise transformation consulting, and project and portfolio management services.

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If you’re a seasoned software developer whose software delivery beliefs are deeply rooted in Agile methodologies, then this is the role you’ve been looking for. If you look around the industry, this role is often being called a software craftsmen, or software artisan. While this position needs you to be both of those things, it also affords you the opportunity to be much more.

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