We can help you reach your transformation goals by helping you take a look at what your company values from a planning perspective and comparing that against what your customer values from a delivery perspective.

Our delivery services are comprised of the following primary characteristics:

Agility at the DNA

The patterns for scaling agile are well understood. Transformation is a process that can be planned, measured, and organized for success.

For Agile transformation to work right - to get all the benefits you are investing for - the following should be at the core of every Transformation:

  • ValueMatters - An obsession with continuously adding value for customers.
  • SmallMatters - Relentless focus on descaling work so that small batches of work are performed by small teams in small cycles with continuous feedback from customers.
  • EcosystemMatters - The Agile ecosystem is the entire organization, not just IT. The Agile ecosystem cannot flourish and enterprise Agility cannot be realized if the entire organization doesn’t embrace the Agile Mindset.
  • CultureMatters - Nurturing the culture is continuous and ongoing to change behavior norms that embrace the Agile Mindset.
We continuously align our delivery services to the proven patterns of Agile Transformation and work with you to understand exactly where you are, and what is realistic in terms of getting the organization where it needs to be.

Define the Stategy

We can help you build a transformation strategy which respects where you are today while laying the foundation for where you need to be in the future.

Agile organizations are built around agile teams, well defined backlogs and working tested software. Agile at scale is about forming teams at all levels of the organization and providing mechanisms that allow multiple teams to come together with an integrated deliverable on a regular cadence or interval.

We can help you:
  • Set the Destination and Define an End-State Vision
  • Structure - Develop a plan for forming teams that can stay together and delivery value on a cadance. We'll need Program, Portfolio, and Product Owner Teams to effectively do agile at scale.
  • Governance - Ensure the organization is aligned to deliver against the highest priority business goals
  • Metrics and Tools - Define, maeasure and track progress in order to make sure the transformation is progressing and you are getting the business outcomes you expect from your investment

Lead the Transformation

We lead the transformation by empowering your people with skills to drive the change from the inside out:

  • Form Teams - We start with an Agile pilot - validating a complete vertical slice of the defined model. We’ll help you form teams at all levels of the enterprise, coordinate with upstream and downstream processes, and implement the governance, metrics, and tooling defined in the strategy
  • Train Teams - Enabling people with the skills and knowledge to operate in the new model is an essential component of leading the transformation. We will deliver training tailored to the job functions and processes within each team and conduct hands-on workshops to reinforce practices.
  • Coach Teams - We believe that training alone is insufficient to make change stick. We recommend several sprints of coaching per team as well as help decomposing the backlog, preparing for release planning, and gathering metrics while you're gaining proficiency in the new model.

Empower your people to sustain the Change

Consultants Won't Be There Forever. Get Ready To Sustain the Change.

  • Assessment - We will assess the ability of the team to execute without outside assistance. Our model is not focused on the presence of roles, processes, and ceremonies but on the ability to consistently demonstrate competency over time.
  • On Demand Coaching - Throughout the engagement, our coaching strategy is tailored to the individual needs of each team, and focused on reinforcing the competencies that are most at risk. Progress is communicated to the transformation steering committee on a regular cadence.

These characteristics drive three distinct services:

Product Acceleration

Innovate and deliver market-winning ideas faster by bringing together users, engineers and product managers to leverage our proven product acceleration process.

Technology Solutions

Implement new technology ideas using our expertise and teams to deliver services from DevOps, to Internet of Things, Cloud Solutions and Omni Channel platforms.

Product Development

Build great software products working alongside our highly skilled development teams that deliver and innovate fast so that you can focus on your ideas.