Education services delivered to you in four distinct ways:


Guide and support people to work differently. Our coaching helps you critically assess context and improves capability directly where it’s needed.


Bringing people together to teach new concepts and techniques that helps them look at their world differently.


Structured, role-based learning programs that accelerate the development of skills, capabilities and change.

Capability areas to transform your organization:

Business Leadership and Management

The investment, decision and governing environment that unlocks end to end performance.

Product Management

Product management that understands the customer by embedding design thinking that is user and goal centered, innovative and value driven.

Delivery Management

Productive Agile teams that execute quickly, deliver incrementally and scale.

Portfolio Management

Value is created by actively managing alignment between demand and supply, and making work truly visible so that the best decisions can be made.

Trainers and Coaches

To truly embed and own change, we work with those people who need a deeper understanding of Agile at Scale to develop the skills to coach and train people throughout the business.

Delivery Management

In every area you need change leaders who have a strong appreciation of the work and the domain to own and nurture continuous improvement.