Senior Software Developer

If you’re a seasoned software developer whose software delivery beliefs are deeply rooted in Agile methodologies, then this is the role you’ve been looking for. If you look around the industry, this role is often being called a software craftsmen, or software artisan. While this position needs you to be both of those things, it also affords you the opportunity to be much, much more.

Being a Senior Software Developer, you’ll be able to get your hands dirty as you become a part of the client’s team. There’ll be ample opportunity for you to do all the things that drew you to coding in the first place, such as: refactoring code bases, writing pin-down tests for defects, and introducing Test-Driven Development.

But, when you’re not implementing clean coding practices and being an all-around coding rock star, you’ll be mentoring your team in Agile best practices. You’ll facilitate standups, navigate your teams through retrospectives, provide daily coaching under the umbrella of the Agile framework, and show them how the work they’re doing fits into their organization’s overarching initiative—Agile Transformation.

So, if you’re well versed in multiple languages and software disciplines, and are looking to continue developing your craft and sharing your knowledge with others—this position is ideal for you.

Desired Competencies

  • Pragmatic polyglot programmer
  • Committed clean coder
  • Strong Test-First/Test-Driven approach
  • Full-Stack developer
  • Legacy Rescue
  • Continuous Build/Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery
  • Agile Testing and DevOps automation
  • OOD and design patterns
  • Continuous integration and rapid feedback from code
  • Software craftsperson with deep bags of tricks
  • Use or experiment with new programming paradigms
  • Continuous learner who is knowledgeable of new practices and coaching techniques
  • Active in the IT Community (user groups, speaking engagements, blogging)

We’re not just offering you a job; we’re offering an unparalleled cultural experience and an unrivaled support system, too. We value you and your time. That’s why we have some truly unbelievable perks, such as: flexible vacation and expense policies, and the ability to work remotely. As if autonomy and work-life balance weren’t enough, we also offer a team of people dedicated to helping you take care of last minute travel needs, and helping you with various administrative tasks, like expense reports. This way you can spend more of your time bringing value to our clients and taking the best of yourself home to your loved ones. Please send your resume and cover letter to: